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Cherrians FC jet off to USA


M&A is a significant sponsor of the Cherrians U19 Football Club team 2012 tour to Ohio. A club with rich history and success in the Wentworth area. These youngsters recently went on a trip to the USA to play in an international tournament. We believe that our sponsorship is an investment in their future and look forward to contributing to the team and those still coming through the ranks of the club.

Community Impacts and Local Business Engagement: Mansur and Associates International Consultants

Citizens On Patrol – COP

"To Serve is to Reign with God on high"

Wentworth has seen an increase in violence, killings and drug related incidents. Wentworth has a very negative reputation, for a long time the accolades and achievements of the many "Wenties" people went unacknowledged because of our history. Myrtle Beaunior founder of COP stated" I became fed up with the talking and talking with no action plan been put in place". At a community meeting called by parents at the WOW centre, following the violence that had resulted in the fatality of a youth from the Panax place area, COP was born. From a team of 5 dedicated women the team has grown to eleven and they are seen every morning from 07h00 to 08h30 patrolling various schools in the area (Wentworth High, Austerville, Durban East and Gardenia). The winter season also brings challenges for the team, the cold, rainy weather did restrict the team from carrying out its activities. A local business women came to the team's assistance by providing the necessary clothing for the team. Tessa Mansur Director of Mansur and Associates stated "We are responding to the changing expectations of the community , our communities expects more from business than it did previously and we need to continually focus on the maintenance of a proactive relationship with the community".

Positives of the Citizens On Patrol Program:
• Punctuality improvement at schools been patrolled
• Learners have embraced the Patrol team ( no negative feelings)
• SAPS and teachers assistance in various patrols
"The COP team have made and continue to make a difference in our community and require more to support ,our participation and contribution to the Citizens On Patrol project re affirms our commitment to the improvement of our communities and providing positive environment for our future leaders our Youth" – stated Saide Mansur Managing Director of Mansur and Associates. Myrtle Beaunior stated" The greatest reward for us is to see our learners going to school with a smile and the pleasant greeting extended to us (good morning Mam) by the students".