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Our Services

Assistance in the preparation of your systems before any Health, Safety and Environmental risk Gap Analysis.
Assistance in the presentation of your Health, Safety and Environmental systems during related gap analysis / Audits.
Conduct internal system gap analysis on a continuous basis to ensure ongoing system compliance.
Drafting all Health, Safety and Environmental system standards and procedures.
Maintain and co-ordinate your programme on a full time basis by assigning a full time consultant to your premises.
Supply and update a software statistical programme.
Assist and advise on Waste Management / Control and reduction. (Reduction in losses)
Assist and advise on process streamlining. (Increase Productivity).
Assist, advise or execute any other Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Risk related service you may require.


Our services are divided into 3 core divisions:

1. Project Management Division

The project management division’s core focus is the delivery of large scale projects using internationally recognised techniques. M&A has developed internal systems and processes which allows it to be a leading edge competitor in the international market place.

2. Occupational Health and Safety Division

This division specializes in providing customized services based on the Safety, Health , Environmental and Quality needs of organizations. Our industry experience in countries such as South Africa, Qatar and the West Indies has allowed us to bring the best of the world into one professional service offering.

Projects include:

Seashore Group – Middle East
Saudi Delta Corporation – Saudi Arabia
Rassedco Group – Middle East
Atlantic LNG – West Indies
South Africa – servicing wide range of clients from Chemical, Petrochemical and Construction projects
3. Safety Equipment Division

Due to our extensive industry knowledge, M&A formed a division in 2012 with the specific focus on Safety Equipment. We therefore decided to partner with Hexarmor, a leading provider of safety equipment which range from gloves, protective arms and sleaves, and various other body protective gear. Hexarmor an industry leader in the safety equipment environment, based in the USA, has entered into an agreement allowing M&A to be its sole distributor in Africa.

For information related to catalogues and sales we suggest you contact sales@mansur.co.za


Site Safety Managers
We provide site safety managers who monitor your projects, keep a daily log of all safety activities conduct tool box safety meetings, provide recommendations to your project managers and superintendents.

Site Safety Coordinators
We can provide competent site safety coordinators that will work with your project management until construction activity has completed.

Site Safety Manager / Coordinator training
Students are provided with all material to learn the requirements of the site safety program. Sample tests are given to the students and applications are provided to the students to apply for the test.

Site Safety Plans
Our staff will meet with your representatives to discus the items needed on you site safety plan and we will draw up a comprehensive plan.

Site Safety Coordinators
Fire Watch / Confined Space standby
Shutdown and Plant maintenance - Safety Management


* An all inclusive and/or specific evaluation of the associated risk within your Organization. Advise on the elimination and/or mitigation of your associated risks.

Specific assessments include:
* Noise , Ventilation, Lighting
* Pollution – Air, Ground and Water Illumination
* Personal Protective Equipment
* Productivity Loss
* Ergonomics
* Hazardous Tasks – Hazard Analysis


* Eliminates “window-dressing” and “Lip-Service”
* Pro-active and constant identification of substandard areas / systems
* Ongoing independent systems audits
* Eliminate workforce perception of “Clean-up and Lip-service” before audits
* No more Crisis Management
* Trained Workforce
* Ensure compliance with relevant Legislation
* Effective Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Loss Control Programme.
* Improved Communication
* Increased Productivity
* Positive influence on your bottom line
* Worker participation, ownership and involvement